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NVR Inc. Spark Presentation by Kaitlynn Stone


This presentation was created to showcase work samples and promotions created for NVR Inc. over the course of a year. Some of the work highlighted include e-flyers, collateral, social media marketing, sales center design and seasonal campaigns.

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Cityline Branding Spark Presentation.png


The purpose of this presentation is to propose branding for a new client in the New Jersey/New York area. This presentation acts as a mood board and starting point for the brand while also highlighting our agency's social media marketing capabilities.

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Cityline Marketing and Media Strategy Pr


A media and marketing strategy is essential to the success of any new home community. This presentation goes in depth about who we are as an agency and what methods we use to achieve the highest ROI when it comes to media placement.

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Social Media Capabilities Presentation b


Created for general use, this presentation is an overview of our agency's social media marketing and optimization capabilities, complete with information about who we are and examples of what we offer our clients.

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Seahorse Realty Spark Presentation.png


Seahorse Realty is a leading real estate company in the Exuma Islands and they wanted to learn more about how they could take their marketing to the next level using social media and google ads. This presentation explores how our agency uses specialized techniques to achieve their goals.

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