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Warm Winter Morning Practice

Updated: May 30, 2019

7:15am. I reluctantly open my eyes to the day, still brushing pieces of sleep out of my eyes. I roll out of bed, grab my mat and camera and head to my favorite tucked away spot in Newport News, right on the water. Today was the day I was going to film my first practice. I knew today would be the day when the weather boasted a warm 60 degrees in January. I took it as a sign, and ran with it.

I arrived on site, set up my camera and laid out my mat to begin my first recorded sequence. I felt more alive than I have in a while, breathing in and out as the waves softly crashed around me. My awareness was focused entirely on the moment and feeling of each pose. I felt strong, steady, and present. To be honest, I forgot the camera was rolling, and I actually haven't even peeked at the footage.

Plans for this upcoming week is to get the video uploaded, and hopefully film another sequence for you guys. I am excited to share my thoughts, perceptions and practice! My goal is to create videos with voiceovers so you can follow along at home if you wish. 

Anyways, today is a good day. I hope your day is filled with mindfulness, balance and happiness. Stay present and be grateful for all the beauty around you. We are so lucky. Namaste!


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