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I've never considered myself a hoarder, per se—but when it comes to swimwear, I can't seem to give a set away. Trust me when I say I've tried to weed out my so-called collection, but haven't found a good enough reason to let a suit go. Then I started to dig into why the f I feel like I need to own all of these and stumbled into the craziest thought.

More like justification, but hear out me here. Whenever I go through my bathing suits, I first try them on to make sure they fit because that's an easy enough way to weed some out. Or so one would think. If I tried on a swimsuit that was too big or too tight I would tell myself, "well, I fluctuate weight so this might fit at some point". Honestly, that is the bullshit that I fed myself and ate up simultaneously.

This is going to sound the corniest, but I feel as though every swimsuit has it's own story (I know lol) but on a serious note, they truly do have memories attached. It's hard to give away something that you wore during the happiest times of your life. From chilling at a friends pool to swimming with pigs, there was always a positive, relaxed feeling associated with my swimsuits and what they've "lived through".

If I haven't yet worn it, I would find myself trying it on and falling into the same thought cycle:

  1. This would be perfect for (some random occasion that may or may not ever even happen)

  2. This would be absolutely ideal to wear to (some random place that I may or may not be visiting)

  3. Could not wear to a family gathering but definitely be turning necks at a resort (& vice versa)

So, no, I will not be giving away any suits anytime soon, but let me ask you this: Is a swimsuit addiction REALLY that bad if they bring me joy and do no harm? I think Marie Kondo would let me keep them.

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