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Hi There, Brighter, Whiter Smile :)

As I mentioned from a previous post, I have been really into dental care lately. I think it's because I didn't receive the best marks from my dentist last time I visited. After upgrading my toothbrush, i decided to look into at home whitening treatments and Instagram started taking notes. Every day, I would see at least two different ads for HiSmile on my feed, and I won't lie, the results looked incredible.

After about the 20th ad, I was suckered in and decided to order a kit. Their marketing messages boasted a whiter smile in just 6 uses and the models they used on the page backed it up. Of course I knew the results had to be exaggerated, but the thought of my teeth even shifting just a couple shades brighter, I couldn't resist. I ended up ordering the starter kit which included the mouthpiece, gel fills and a shade guide.

The packaging was absolutely great. Everything has it's place in the box and looked very tidy and put together. The kit includes three gel pens which are good for two uses each, totaling six uses all together. The shade card was handy and made me feel at least a little better about the current state of my teeth (I mean come on, that shade 12 i s unreal!) I matched myself at about a 3-5 for the top and a 6-9 for the bottom. Yikes.

The mouthpiece and UV light were easy to assemble. You just simply slip the rubbery tray onto the mouthpiece holder and voila! I turned the light on to test it and it was working—giving off a purple glow. I shut it off and decided to start my first treatment. The directions were located on the back of the box and were very easy to follow. I took out one gel, filled 1/4 on the top tray and another 1/4 on the bottom.

I then placed it in my mouth were it sat comfortably and started the treatment which comes with an automatic 10 minute timer. During that 10 minutes I chilled out and read some while the device worked its magic. One of my worries before ordering was the possibility of sensitivity. I have pretty poor gum health and some of them are receding pretty far. This usually opens the door to sensitivity and pain. HiSmile didn't bring any discomfort whatsoever. Once 10 minutes was up, the device shut off automatically followed by a few beeps.

I recommend taking it out over a sink because there was quite a bit of saliva and gel residue in the tray which ended up just spilling out of my mouth. I rinsed with water and shone a grin in the mirror. I don't know if it's a whole placebo thing, but I thought I could see a minor difference! I took some (gross) photos for reference. I may have been a little dramatic with where I was holding the shade card, but you get the point lol. Overall I am very pleased with the system and plan on ordering more gel refills when I run out. Hopefully I'll have some good before and after pictures in time, but until then we'll see what this baby can do!


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