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Jessie & Chris's Engagement Photoshoot

Updated: May 29, 2019

I was honored when one of my closest friends Jessie asked me to do her engagement photos. I made sure to let her know that I have absolutely no experience with this, and she surprisingly let me go through with it.

The day before, I scoped out an area at Balls Bluff Regional Park and decided that would be a nice woodsy backdrop. Also, I knew they wanted to have their dogs with them, so I had to make sure it was somewhere dog friendly.

I shot with a Canon Rebel T6 and am kind of disappointed in myself because I failed to switch settings when we started to lose light. This resulted in some photos coming out blurrier than the others.

I remedied this by applying a grain to the photos to give them a real woodsy and rustic ambiance.

Jessie and Chris were a great couple to shoot and I think the photos turned out really great. They seem happy with the results too and I can't wait for them to be posted and the save the dates to arrive!

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