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My Customized Byte® 3-Month Treatment Plan

Updated: Aug 7, 2019

MY TREATMENT PLAN IS READY! I almost cried tears of joy when I watched the module take my teeth from ratchet to realigned and I am more than ready to get started with the aligners. The best part? It will only take 11 weeks to complete. That's less than 3 months! Literally 1/4 of the amount of time it would take to go through braces or Invisalign and 1/2 the amount of time to straighten than Smile Direct Club or Candid. What the actual heck.

I wasted zero time ordering these bad boys. I'll admit it's a pretty hefty price tag up front, but Byte partnered with a company called Split It that allows you to make interest free payments. I opted for the 2 month plan, splitting the price down the middle. In addition, I used their 4th of July promo code to receive another $120 off my treatment. After my order was placed, I was informed that the custom aligners would take 3 weeks to be made. That means they'll be here before the end of July and my treatment is scheduled to be complete the last week of October.

Here are some photos of my treatment plan and I'll be sure to update you when I receive my aligners. Now excuse my while I go shout to the heavens about my soon-to-be new smile! :)

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