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Ordered my Byte® Impressions Kit!

Updated: Jul 31, 2019

After years of complaining about my crowded upper teeth and crooked bottom deck, I've finally decided to start invisible aligner treatment to straighten my teeth.

After doing some research, I've decided to go with Byte over SmileDirect Club or Candid. I liked that treatment time for Byte was close to half of the other guys and the pricing was better too. Plus they sold me on their Hyperbyte technology which is supposed to expedite the process even further.

The final deciding factor was an awesome promotion they had going on for the impression kit. What is normally $95, I got for $30, which is 70% off of the normal retail value. (Code: SUMMERBYTE70)

I ordered the kit, which was advertised to arrive within 2 days, and when it hadn't arrived, I reached out to customer service who were AWESOME and overnighted me a new kit. Their customer care team have been super helpful throughout this whole process. They texted me to make sure that my packaged arrived alright and opened their doors for any questions or guidance through the impression process.

The packaging was awesome. They're marketing is on point. Everything was labeled and perfectly packaged to utilize every inch of space. It came with a great instruction package that showed each step with directions and photos. It was easy to maneuver and navigate through.

The directions were easy to follow, yet I still managed to botch my first impression lol. It turns out, the putty dries FAST so you need to pay attention to the time cues the give you in the instruction pamphlet. Luckily, you have two attempts for both the top and bottom, so I was able to get another impression that they could work with. After taking the impressions, you place the trays back into the box they came in and you ship it off using the pre-paid bubble envelope they provide in the kit. How easy is that?? The final step is to upload some selfies for the doctor to help create your treatment.

I've included some photos below of my current teeth situation and you can clearly see what I mean about the bottom teeth. They're crowding so much that they pushed on of my teeth out and it's something that has always bothered me because I feel like it's all people can see when I talk. Of course I know it's not, but it's easy to get into your head about insecurities. Anyways, I'll be sure to keep you posted on my progress throughout this journey. The next step is my treatment plan which includes a 3D model of what my teeth should look like at the end. Expect another post soon!

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