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My Byte® Aligners Have Arrived!

"See, things are getting better already."

YAY! My aligners have arrived! They were originally shipped to my old apartment address, but since the package required a signature, they held it at the Post Office where I picked it up as soon as they opened this morning. As soon as I got home, I wasted zero time ripping the box open to reveal the tasteful and now familiar Byte packaging. There were two boxes within the original priority box, containing all of the items I would need to begin my journey to straighter teeth.

I began with the bigger box which held two more boxes—one containing my 11 sets of aligners, and the other containing BrightByte (the whitener and aligner sanitizer) a carrying case and extraction tools to help remove the retainers if they are in too tight. It was amazing to see all of my aligners ready to go and comforting to know that I wouldn't have to wait for any more packages. The fact that all of my aligners were shipped together at once gave me peace of mind because I would have some serious anxiety if I had to wait for new shipments.

After reading through the information booklet, I took my Step 1 aligner package and ripped it open to reveal my two shiny aligners. I was pleasantly surprised by how clear they were! One of my biggest fears would be that even though they are supposed to be "invisible" I thought they would be less transparent and bulky looking.

I'm not going to lie, getting them to snap onto my teeth was a bit of a struggle at first but eventually they popped in and hugged my teeth. They definitely felt tight and a little uncomfortable, but I'm more than willing to go through 11 weeks of discomfort for a beautiful, perfect smile. So far so good! I told myself I would keep up with update videos throughout the process, so we'll see if I actually follow through.

I can't wait to start seeing a difference!

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