• Kaitlynn Stone

Hopped on the Mat and Started Sequencing Again

Updated: Jul 31, 2019

It's been a trying year for me. After recently getting out of a two year relationship where we had moved in together, it's been hard for me to want to roll out my yoga mat, let alone start sequencing classes again.

Being a yoga teacher can be such a rewarding experience, however it can be difficult to give others the light and love they need when you are struggling to give these things to yourself. I've been in an internal battle for a while and have felt some of the lowest lows I've ever experienced in my life during this time. How can I give people the uplifting practice and words they deserve when I don't feel like I can give those things to myself?

Despite the ongoing rollercoaster ride that are my emotions, I've decided to not only step back on the mat for my students, but most importantly for myself. Reflecting on the past, some of the times I've felt most at peace and in love with myself have been while practicing yoga. I knew I had to get back to doing what I love.

So today I decided to break open the textbooks, find a blank journal and begin threading postures together into a practice. I hope to have enough material to begin teaching again in August. I'm not exactly sure where quite yet, but I'll most likely begin at the Edwards Landing Clubhouse again, back where it all began. I'm going to continue to stay optimistic throughout this process and hopefully be able to take the love and compassion I give on the mat into every day life.

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