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10 Reasons To Get Yo'self An AeroGarden

Recently we were gifted this Harvest AeroGarden and I love it so much. It's just so gorgeous and it just brings light and color into a space, plus we use it ALL the time. If you're on the fence about getting an AeroGarden, here are ten reasons why you should swing for it.

1. Freshen Up Your Dishes

The obvious benefit of having an AeroGarden in your home is to have a curated set of fresh herbs on hand. This is great if you like to cook, for it truly takes your food to the next level. There's nothing like tasting freshly grown cilantro in your guac or chopped basil in your pasta dishes. Fresh herbs will always top dried bottled herbs.

2. Mix Up Your Happy Hour

While we're on that note, I'll add that fresh herbs can transform a boring drink into a fancy-feeling cocktail in seconds. The go-to example is the mojito, but there are so many other types of drinks you can experiment with such as lavender lemonade and cilantro limeade Check out some more ideas here.

3. Up The Aroma

Soo many good scents, guys! I love having an Aerogarden around because of how yummy the herbs smell when they're fresh off the stem. I purposefully picked lavendar as one of my pods just for the smell. This also goes back to cooking—I mean, have you have roasted rosemary in the oven?

4. Brighten Your Space

As mentioned above, having an AeroGarden around really does bring your environment to life. The vibrant colors and varying shapes of each plant create a dynamic space, adding so much character to a room. Also, just having plants around just make you feel so much happier and "alive" I guess.

5. Become A Plant Person

The Aerogarden does it all for you. It controls the light and water, so the only thing you need to do is refill the water when it's low and add plant food to the water. Don't worry though, the Aerogarden let's you know when it's time to re-up. When the water or plant food are low, the light on the button will turn red.

6. Discover New Herb Uses

From holistic healing to natural teas, there are so many uses for herbs. You can use a number of different herbs to create DIY beauty products such as soaps, lotions, and face masks. Some even use herbs for disinfecting treatments and cleaning sprays. You're just a Google search away from a world of possibilities.

7. Share The Wealth

As a new parent of an AeroGarden, you'll be quick to find that when put in ideal, controlled conditions, herbs can grow like weeds! I learned this very quickly with mint in particular, but once your lil' guys get growing, they will. not. stop. Not a problem though, sharing is caring! Give away small baggies to friends and family!

*insert pot dealer joke here*

8. Grow Neighboring Plants

Since the Aerogarden controls light, I like to keep my hard-to-grow or stubborn plants nearby so that they can soak up some of the light being artificially produced. I live in an apartment that doesn't get the best light, so keeping my succulents and aloe plants near the Aerogarden ensures that they are also getting enough nutrients.

9. Add Some Variety

What I didn't know was how many freakin' different pod choices they have! I almost flipped the table when I saw lavender. There are a ton of flower varieties along with more leafy greens like bok choi, kale and swiss chard. The size of your Aerograden also determines what you can grow. I don't know how much romaine I'd be able to fit in mine.

10. Be A Proud Plant Parent

How good does it feel to say that you grew something by yourself? Well, basically by yourself. Growing in the Aerogarden is so easy and the results are too good. The accomplishment and warm feelings that accompany making something from scratch will fill your heart and soul every day :)

So what are you waiting for? Get yo'self an AeroGarden. Do you already have one? What are your favorite things to grow? Or what are your favorite things about owning an AeroGarden in general?


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