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$100 Plato's Closet Summer Haul

How I left Plato's Closet with 15 items for $100, which include brands like Pink by Victoria Secret, Free People and Dolce Vita.

Yesterday I took a trip to Plato's Closet because my summer wardrobe is so sad and I needed to brighten things up a little bit. I'm a huge fan of Plato's Closet because you can really find some quality brands and items if you look hard enough. There's something about the thrill of the hunt that makes shopping more rewarding and fun for whatever reason. It was a pretty successful trip, so I figured I would share what I made it out with.

Lush Cross Back Blouse (S): $7.00

The color is what drew me in initially but I fell in love when I saw the detailing on the sleeves and the cross back. I'd pair this with high-waisted shorts or pants.

Forever 21 Ribbed Jersey Dress (S): $7.00

I'm a big fan of this neckline in general, I think it's very flattering and even a little sexy. The ribbed material is super soft and adds some texture. It's flowy enough to create some movement but it doesn't drown me.

H&M Flower Crop Top (S): $7.00

The fit of this crop top is ah-mazing. The sleeves are loose and airy, which is a huge plus in the sweat department lol. The color is also very nice and the flowers are freakin adorable.

Mossimo Neck Cross Tee (S): $6.00

I don't think I've ever come across this color before so when I saw this guy I was already sold. Typically, I wouldn't choose this T neckline, but it was just so soft and pretty, I had to get it.

Pink Rose Criss Cross Tee (S): $7.00

I'm really bummed that the pictures turned out so dark because the color of this shirt is actually a really deep and dusty olive green, which I'm a huge fan of because it looks nice with my skin tone. Love the double cross v-neck—it really adds something extra to what would be a plain shirt.

Body Central Lightweight Blouse (S): $4.00

Ever since my mom told me that this color washes me out (thanks?) I usually skip over this section at Platos, but I was really drawn to the material and the collarbone flattering neckline. It's super lightweight for summer but isn't see-through. Hoorah!

Victoria's Secret Pink Logo Tee (XS): $8.00

VS brand is always a good find and are always way cheaper than in store, but the quality is too good to pass up. This color spoke to me of course, but what really stole the show was the material. Oh so soft. This may be the new designated comfy shirt.

Free People Tie Dye Tee (XS): $10.00

What. A. Score. Free People rarely shows up at Plato's Closet and when it does, you gotta pounce on it or it won't be there 5 minutes later. I'm a tie dye fanatic so I'm obsessed with this shirt. It also has a very unique shape and cut to it, so it hangs very delicately and beautifully when it's on.

Cloth & Stone V-neck Tee (S): $7.00

Sorry for the wrinkles! The material is very unique. Not sure what it is, but it's crazy soft yet more structured than your typical tee shirt. I like that the back is longer than the front and obviously the color is gorgeous. Reminds me of the Caribbean.

Maurice's Embellished Bohemian Blouse (S): $6.00

I was actually debating on getting this top while I was in the fitting room because of it's functionality. Obviously I would need to wear something under it, but would it look as good? My gut told me to go for it because of the gorgeous flower stitching and the tassel tie.

Forever 21 Playsuit (S): $10.00

OBSESSED with playsuits with pockets. This is easily one of the most comfiest thing I own. The material is crazy soft and it feels amazing against my skin. The front comes a little low and would need a bralette underneath or a button sown on to keep it closed.

Forever 21 Body Suit (S): $5.00

I'm always in need of basics and this was definitely a must-have. I've been loving body suits lately because they stay in place and always slay in high-waisted bottoms. Also, huge fan of the racer back and adjustable straps.

Unknown Brand (I'll check!) Wrap Dress (S): $16.00

I've been seeing these wrap dresses everywhere and have been wanting to get one for a while. This one really flatters my shape and is super comfortable. I especially love the loose sleeves and the asymmetric bottom.

Dolce Vita Suede Wedge Heels: $12.00

I've been on the hunt for a new pair of wedges because I threw my last pair out and this pair immediately stood out to me. They're in great condition and I feel like they would go with a ton of my clothes because they're so neutral. Couldn't resist getting them.

Montego Bay Club Strap Sandals: $8.00

Tbh I really just needed another pair of strappy black flats. The ones that I wear now are almost worn to the ground and I couldn't pass up a find like this. They're a little more worn than I would typically go for, but I figured I would wear them out anyways so I didn't really care.

Total: $120 plus 20% discount = $100.00


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