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A Love Affair With My Kia Optima

Kaitlynn Stone New Kia Optima Hybrid Dulles Motorcars Leesburg Virginia

Last August, I finally got a car that will pass a state inspection. After plenty of research and comparison, we decided to lease a Kia Optima Eco—a cute little sedan with a battery in the back for optimal eco-friendliness. I've had it for about half a year now and I can still say that I am obsessed with it. The gas mileage is great, which is crucial for the 30 minute commute I am currently enduring every day.

Kaitlynn Stone New Kia Optima Hybrid Blog Post

My favorite features include the back up camera and the keyless entry. I can press a button on the handle and the car will unlock if the actual key is close enough. It also has bluetooth so I can set up my phone and play my Spotify playlists without having to plug in. It's great!

I have so much gratitude for this car and being able to make my own payments on it. It's something that feels truly mine—even though it's only being rented at the moment. Does anyone else drive a Kia?


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