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AMAZON DUPE! Mau modern branch cat tree

I finally found an affordable cat tree that fits my aesthetic and is a dupe for the VERY expensive MAU modern cat tree!

Even better, this one has 4 levels and the original MAU one is only 3 levels. No more of those ugly carpet-covered cat trees, this is an absolute MUST if you want to keep your kitties happy and home looking put together.

This multi-level cat tree has it all—a top perch, 2 side platforms, and a cozy hammock, giving your cats plenty of space to climb, jump, play, rest, or sleep. The natural jute rope-wrapped scratching posts satisfy their scratching instincts and protect your furniture, while a hanging sisal rope keeps them entertained and active.

For ultimate comfort, it features a plush hammock and thick padded cushions on the perches, all of which are detachable and washable for easy cleaning. Plus, its natural branch design makes it a beautiful addition to your home, and with simple instructions, assembly is a breeze

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