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Hello, Real Estate License

Kaitlynn Stone Virginia Realtor Real Estate License

Realtor Pin | Kaitlynn Stone Real Estate

I passed the state portion of my real estate exam. I passed. This is what I've been working so hard for over the past 5 months. This very moment. I thought I would feel more accomplished than I do, more alive. Only, this just feels like the beginning of a long and trying journey.

I don't exactly know where I am going from here, I'm not even sure of what I really want out of this. I mean, I know I want to be successful and achieve a fulfilling and purposeful lifestyle I am unsure of what follows this, and it scares the hell out of me. I'm not sure what I'll tell people when they ask me what I'm doing with my life. I would normally say that I am working to earn my real estate license, but now that I have it, what now? I'm updating my resume and getting my sh** together, then hopefully I can find an employer that appreciates what I have to bring tot the table.


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