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Marvyn's First Step on the Journey to Instafame

I've finally taken care of something that has been needing to be taken care of for a long time. I've created an Instagram account for our very own Marvyn the cat. I honestly don't know why it's taken me this long to make him a page considering how popular he is. I mean come on—look at that face!

The description is bound to change a couple of times but I settled on " I enjoy long naps, boxes and butt rubs. Avid pouncer. Making Messes and charming hoomans since 2012" then I included my handle as well for a little bit of clout I'll admit. I decided to make his page a business profile, for it allows us to do so much more and gives him more of that authenticity and authority.

I wanted to make a post about this to commensurate the date that he takes his first baby steps on the journey to cat fame. With that being said, I'll link his Instagram here but in the meantime, enjoy this gallery of some of the photos I've decided to include in the creation of his page. Welcome to the gram @messymarvyn!


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