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A Perfect Day For Forest Bathing

Bear's Den Lookout Hike Virginia Forest Bathing Kaitlynn Stone Blog

Swell Water Bottle Teakwood Bear's Den Lookout Hike Kaitlynn Stone Blog

Today I took a quick trip up to Bear's Den for a nice forest bathing session. It dawned upon me how long it's been since I actually took time to bask in the raw energy of the forest. My favorite place to be is anywhere surrounded by nature. So I grabbed my new favorite water bottle and headed to the mountains.

I found this Swell thermos at South Moon Under and instantly fell in love with the wood-like texture. Plus it keeps cold drinks cold for 24 hours and hot drinks hot for 12. You can get yours here for a lot cheaper than what I paid.

My parents asked if I would be okay going alone, and I didn't hesitate. I value and respect my alone time because I'm still figuring out who the heck I am and what my purpose is in this world.

Bear's Den Totem Pole  Hike Kaitlynn Stone Blog

I arrived at Bear's Den after a long but beautiful drive through the valleys of Virginia and was pleasantly greeted by an incredible, hand-carved wooden post of a bear and other forest critters. It was then I wish I had someone with me to take a photo lol.

I began the hike and after a short while made it to the top and sat on some rocks for half an hour, soaking in the expansive view and appreciating mother earth. It's amazing what a beautiful view can do to your soul. It's empowering yet humbling.

I made my way back down and headed home with the windows down, blaring music and taking in the perfect day. I will definitely be back very soon.


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