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Can You Miss A Place You've Never Visited Before?

Today I found this incredible photo of a place I've never even heard of before and I was struck with the odd sensation of homesickness and nostalgia. How is it possible to miss a place you've never visited before?

I immediately opened up Instagram and searched for "The Whitsundays" which is located along the Great Barrier Reef in Queensland Australia. This picturesque destination is all too familiar with it's ombre turquoise waters, kissing the edge of a white sand beach that span as far as the eye can see. Waves dance alongside mountains, which dramatically connect land and sea in a harmonious and perfect way—as nature intended.

The smell of salt and coconuts fill the air and the hot sun bathes you in vitamin D, tanning your skin and warming your soul. I can feel the warm sand between my toes and soft breeze blowing my hair around my freshly freckled face. The waves roll in, with long even strokes, caressing the curves formed in the sand formed by the repetitive motion of water on land.

I realized that this "place" that felt all to familiar to me, is simply a state of mind. The warm fuzzies that arrive when I think of the tropical places I've visited, take over my entire being, inside and out. Seeing this photo of the Whitsundays in Australia instantly transported me to my island mindset and covered me in whole hearted bliss from head to toe.

So can you miss a place you've never visited before? My answer: yes. The overwhelming sensation of homesickness that arises when seeing these places is universal intelligence calling you, hugging you in familiarity and pushing you towards your goals. Believing you are physically there triggers your mind to call upon the happy feelings that arise when you are doing something you love, i.e. traveling. Missing a place you've never been to before is your subconscious telling you to hop on a plane and go.

Who knows, maybe in another life I was under the Australian sun, living my best life in the Whitsundays. Either way, I know in my heart of hearts, that one day I will return.


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