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Easy, Affordable Way to Store and Display Dangly Earrings

Updated: Jun 14, 2019

Lately I've been borderline obsessed with dangly earrings. Big statement earrings. Small dainty earrings. Tassel earrings. Feather earrings—you name it.

Now that I had acquired a pretty decent collection of earrings, the next question was how to store them. I knew I wanted to store them in a way that would double as a beautiful display, but didn't want to spend a stupid amount on a jewelry organizer that ultimately wouldn't be what I wanted to begin with.

I began my search where most searches start: Michael's. I literally wandered down every single aisle, looking for a makeshift SOMETHING that could work as an earring holder.

I finally reached the sewing and yarn aisle (all the way in the back) and stumbled upon "plastic canvas" made for crochet work. It's basically just a starter grid consisting of a bunch of tiny holes.

This was perfect, and unbelievably cheap. You can find the plastic canvas here.

So this is the final outcome and I think it's been working quite well! It even holds the earrings with stud backs, not just the hooks.

Highly recommended as a cheap way to store your earrings in an aesthetically pleasing way. I can't wait to add more earrings to my collection. Let me know if you guys gave this a try!

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