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Finally Finished the Butterfly Painting

I originally drew out this piece in the early fall after feeling particularly inspired by the changing of the seasons, but tucked it away as soon as I finished sketching it. I don't know why I've neglected this for so long, but I have finally gotten around to adding some color.

A part of me thinks that I've avoided painting this for so long because I was scared that I would ruin it. I actually like the black/white look—it's stoic and detail oriented. At the same time, what's a butterfly without it's beautiful colors?

After months, I finally decided to revisit it. I propped it up on my table top easel and stared at it for a while before going in with a light warm orange and in no time, the entire wings were filled with vibrant warm tones and blue accents. Using a black sharpie, I outlined the wings again to add contrast and definition.

I'm pleased with how it came out, but it's very sloppy work and I almost regret drawing it out in pencil to begin with. The lead had caused some of the colors to bleed and get muddy which diluted the whole piece. My fear is that if I don't start with a pencil sketch, the whole idea will fall apart with one measly mistake. That's why it's so tough to be a perfectionist and an artist too. To some degree, you need to let go completely while still maintaining the control of your vision. I truly struggle with this.

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