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Easy Way to Upgrade Your Small Rental Bathroom

Updated: Jun 13, 2019

Kaitlynn Stone Easy Way to Upgrade Your Small Rental Bathroom

As you can see from the before photo, we didn't have much to work with for the tiny bathroom in our rental apartment. We realized we needed to do something to organize our stuff, but we both were sick of the typical over-the-toilet cart and wanted a more elegant look.

Shelving was a must, so I decided on two floating oak shelves that I would situate on top of each other. This made a WORLD of a difference. I topped off the shelves with a few white fluffy towels, a candle, q-tips, cotton balls, toilet paper and a fake plant.

I used a whicker basket to hold washcloths and sanitary wipes, which I placed on top of the toilet for easy accessibility. I topped off the entire look with a white shower curtain with some detail to add some texture and dimension. The final touch was to change the lightbulbs from the hideous yellow to a bright white to compliment the clean, minimalist look.

Now our bathroom is functional and no longer an eye sore. It makes the space feel so much bigger and practical. It's crazy how something so simple could change the entire feel of a room—even your bathroom!


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