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Evalia Paris Botanical Skincare Line Logo Design

Updated: Mar 12, 2019

A Paris natural skincare company needed to create a logo to represent their company and product line, which consists of face masks, creams, lotions, oils etc. This is a luxury brand that sources ingredients from natural botanicals and packages their products with sustainable, eco-friendly materials.

I created three different concepts based on the font types and an au-natural feel. The first logo I came up with is very simple and modern. I decided to go all lowercase to give it a feminine feel (lowercase letters are typically softer on the eyes) and kept the tagline simple in all caps with a 500 tracking distance between each letter. I used a very lightweight font so that the company name is what stands out. The main font is a lovely little number called Antique Olive, set to light. I really like how the letters are an even height with perfect curves and clean lines.

This one is also a very feminine font. The curves are very dainty and there is a comfortable contrast between the thick and thin lines in each letter. This font is called Aire Bold Pro Regular and is characterized by subtle curls and flowy elegance. There are also a TON of glyphs in this font so you can totally transform the entire look by swapping out an alternative character style. In this particular example, I decided to use the alternative "v" which created a wave-like motion over the "a", almost kissing the "l". I enjoy looking at this font because of the subtle complexities and sweeping motion of the letters.

I think I had the most fun on the final concept which involves a unique script font called Sunydale which I downloaded a demo version of from a freebie design website. What makes this script unique is the unpredictability of the characters and seamless flow between letters. I'm obsessed with the way the "l' is formatted, creating a perfect little nook for the Paris tagline. If I had to change one thing, it would probably be the thickness of the font, but since I only have the demo version, I can only use the regular weight.

Which one is your favorite?

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