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IL MAKIAGE New York Foundation Review

Another day, another Instagram advertisement that got in my head and influenced me to make a purchase. This one was extra appealing because they were offering a try before you buy opportunity that I just *could not* pass up. The ad was created by a New York cosmetics company, promoting their "Woke Up Like This" foundation, which comes a wide selections of shades. Their schtick is that they can find and match the perfect foundation for your skin tone, from a quick online questionnaire. My curiosity was peaked more than anything, so I tapped on the "Learn More" button and was sent to their product page.

I immediately scrolled down to the reviews and was pleasantly surprised with the number of 5 star reviews. What really convinced me were the photos people were sharing, looking like they've just been airbrushed. This plus the try now, pay later if you like it deal was too good to be true at the time. I took the 5 minute quiz and was matched to my perfect shade, #60 which is a neutral beige with yellow undertones.

I was super excited when the package arrived because of how luxurious it looked. Definitely a 10/10 for packaging. It was definitely an impressive move on their part. It does seem a little extra, especially from an environmental perspective, but the box could be reused for gifting or storage, so I didn't mind too much.

The bottle is a good standard size for foundation and the frosted glass added an extra luxurious touch. I was so excited to try this out the next day!

The following day I woke up ready to try out this new product, still a little skeptical about the shade. To my surprise, the color match was spot on. I used a damp beauty blender and applied it to my face and was delighted to find that it felt super light on my skin. The consistency was soft and creamy without feeling thick and heavy. It immediately created a blurring effect and added instant luminosity. I was glowing!

The best part? It lasted ALL DAY. All freakin day. I will admit that my forehead was a bit glossy by the end of the day, but that's normal for my combination skin. I dabbed my forehead with a tissue and everything looked good as new. I took some photos, but I don't think they do the foundation justice, but they do show how good the coverage is without it being cakey.

I would have given this foundation an overall great score, but I had to knock them down a few points for a couple of reasons. Number one, this foundation is hella expensive! I didn't end up sending the foundation back and I had to pay the full price which ended up being close to $60! What the hell! The worst part is what happened to the bottle after a few weeks. It completely fell apart creating a huge mess in my makeup bag and becoming a major annoyance. It upset me that the bottle broke after just a couple weeks of use, especially when they are supposed to be a "luxury brand". It now seems to me that the product packaging is cheaply assembled, allowing the company to pocket a huge profit. Annoying. Has anyone else tried this brand??


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