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Let's Have a Rainbow Summer

Updated: Jun 13, 2019

Kaitlynn Stone Tie Dye Day

What better way to get into the summer feels than with some white t-shirts and permanent dye? Hats off to Kristin for a stellar idea. It's been years since I've tie dyed, but I have distinct memories of doing it together at camp. It was a gorgeous day and we were stoked to get creative and maybe a even a little messy.

We went to Michaels and got the biggest tie dye set that they had and headed out to my parent's back deck where we could easily hose down any dye that may have spilled. Joe would definitely not be happy if there were any stains, so I lined trash bags across our work area. Once we were all set up, we got to work twisting and turning our various white clothing items and securing them with rubberbands.

Kaitlynn Stone Tie Dye Day

To be honest, we really didn't know what we were doing. I was just going off of memory from when we used to do it back in the day. Looking back, I should have done some Pinterest research and found some cooler designs. Most of mine ended up being the classic spiral design with varying colors. Of course, not all of the dye ended up on the shirt and our hands were covered by the end of the process.

Satisfied with our work, we set the clothing in a central area to soak up the dye and we grabbed a few glasses of wine to enjoy while we waited. After about an hour and a half, we eagerly rung out the extra dye and doused everything in cold water. After most of the residue was soaked up, we hastily started removing rubberbands and began unfolding our masterpieces. I use the word masterpiece very loosely here.

Kaitlynn Stone Tie Dye Day

I'm not gonna lie, I ended up not really liking most of my designs. Some of them came out WAY different than I anticipated, but I guess that's part of the fun. The dye has a mind of it's own. We displayed our work on the hill in the yard where they could dry under the warm sun.

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