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Loving Myself After Heartbreak

Kaitlynn Stone Ft. Lauderdale Florida

It's taken me way too long to realize how strong of an individual I am. I have survived things that I never thought I would emotionally or mentally recover from. My heart has been torn out in fifty different ways and into a trillion different pieces. The trauma of heartbreak, abandonment and self-deprecating thoughts were experiences I never thought I would survive, but low and behold, I am still here.

I've picked up the pieces and am building something new, reinforced with armor. This heart is here to stay and I'll never give it to someone who will disrespect me, lay a hand on me or spew hate in my direction ever again. I honestly might never give it away again at all.

Kaitlynn Stone Self Love Marathon

Today I spent some time looking at my naked face (not pictured) in the mirror, almost admiringly. I never thought I could stare at myself without makeup on and feel content with my reflection staring back at me. Years ago, I would have laughed in your face if you told me I would end up discovering my own unique beauty. My confidence is slowly and subtly trying to shine through and I couldn't be more hopeful.

Every second in this life is so precious and I am just now starting to realize how short it is. I owe myself love and happiness, it's the least I could do to give myself the life I deserve. Happiness is a choice and a damn good one at that. Why spend another moment dwelling on sadness and self-hate? Seeing beauty in every situation is only just the start.


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