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Mahogany Teakwood Is Candle Royalty

Updated: Jun 13, 2019

Mahogany Teakwood Candle Kaitlynn Stone Blog

If you haven't had a chance to smell the mahogany teakwood collection at Bath & Body Works. You need to get yourself over there immediately so you too can fall in love with candle scent royalty.

Mine is burning at the moment and oh my goodness it's intoxicating. I wish I could live inside of a mahogany teakwood candle. Some say it has an cologne smell, which I don't disagree with. However, I find it to be more smoky and woodsy, giving off a feeling of warmth, coziness and depth.

I can't wait to go and buy more. There's nothing better than relaxing with music in the background, a candle flickering beside you and a cup of steaming chamomile tea.

Heavy emphasis on the alone part. I think that everyone needs to spend time alone on a daily basis so you can learn more about yourself and ultimately, grow. Anyways. I digress. Go get yourself some mahogany teakwood in yo life.

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