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Manifesting a Dream Vacation to Bora Bora

I entered a contest online. I'm sure you're thinking right now "nobody ever wins those things" but I'm so passionate about winning this thing, that I'm doing everything in my power to manifest winning this contest. I can already feel the warm, white sand between my toes.

I entered the contest through a super cool company that I hadn't heard of until now. I actually stumbled upon them via sponsored Instagram ad (nice targeting btw) and after exploring their website, I can say that they are genuine and legit.

They're called Omaze and their mission is to connect people with life-changing experiences while donating to charities in the process. How cool is that? Basically you enter a contest by donating to the charity assigned, and you're given a certain number of entries. For example, $25=250 entries.

Here's a little background on the contest itself from the Omaze description, but you can read all of the contest details here.

Experience Paradise at the Incredible Four Seasons® Resort Bora Bora

  • Travel to the dreamy island of Bora Bora for six days and five nights

  • Experience ultimate luxury in your beach-view overwater bungalow, complete with a private deck and all-you-can-breathe tropical breezes

  • Get flown out and put up at the Four Seasons

Amazing right? Of course I had to enter. After reading more about the experience, I reached the section about the charity I would be donating to. The organization is called Plastic Oceans and they're pretty much ocean heroes.

Plastic Oceans International works to educate society on the topic of plastic pollution and inspires people to care about the issue and be part of the solution. They organize awareness initiatives developed around film and other content to target school children, policy and consumer behavior.

So now the manifesting begins. I am going to focus all of my energy into winning this contest. By expressing to universal intelligence exactly what I want down to the specifics, I'll open myself up to receiving the goodness of the universe. I'm going to meditate on the name "Bora Bora" until it's burned into my brain. I want to be so connected to Bora Bora that I start to dream about it. Guys, I even printed out something to hang by my desk, so I can see it every single day.

I've already marked on my calendar the date the contest winner will be announced (Ahem, March 28th).

We will see what happens, I'll be sure to update this post when I hear back. I'm feeling pretty good with my chances and after reading up on their past winners, over 80% of them donated $50 or less. I am right around the $50 mark (I know that sounds insane) but they really got me with the $2 spins to increase my chances lol. Until then, I'm going to keep the positive energy alive and well!


UPDATE: I lost to Margaret L. from Fort Worth, TX. Hopes & dreams temporarily crushed.


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