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My Video Won Best Community Video at the 2018 Great American Living Awards!

Kaitlynn Stone The Award for Best Video Ad by the Great American Living Awards
The Award for Best Video Ad by the Great American Living Awards

I can hardly believe I am typing this right now but the video I created for Kincora was awarded Best Community Video of the Year at the Great American Living Awards. Well, technically our agency won, but I created the video and carried it from concept to completion. This video is my baby.

The Award for Best Video Ad by the Great American Living Awards
What a pretty plaque!

I can't tell you how many hours I've spent perfecting it and how many different versions I had to create due to feedback from my managers and clients. Each clip had to be perfectly sliced, arranged and set to tempo, down to the half second. I know this video like the back of my hand because I've gone through it about a thousand times. It took weeks of being the first one to arrive at work and the last one to leave, just to finish a 30 second segment.

Though tedious and time consuming, this project was something I enjoyed creating from the get go. It actually wasn't even supposed to be the official community video to begin with. In fact, I wanted to create it to use as the header for the Kincora facebook page. Now it's the face of the website and an award winning video.

Being the perfectionist that I am, there's still things I would change about it. Combine that with some not so tasteful feedback from management (like the 80 pt font size and still images with a ken burns effect) and the limit on stock footage, and it almost makes me want to redo it. Either way, this is the final product and it was apparently good enough for the judges.

With that being said, I am both honored and grateful for the recognition by the GALA panel and hope to add more award winning pieces to my portfolio.


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