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Radiant Skin by Elizabeth Digital Ads

Updated: Mar 12, 2019

I'm currently working with a holistic aesthetician who is currently trying to brand herself. This particular project involved creating several Facebook paid advertisements showing what services she offers.

I started out with a logo since I noticed she didn't have one on her Facebook Page. She really doesn't have one cohesive look and it leaves the consumer confused and kind of turned off. This inconsistency carries over to her website which I would love to get my hands on because it is very poorly done.

I decided to go with a really bright and happy turquoise and found stock photos to support the look. I also kept the fonts VERY simple because I wanted the Radiant Skin logo to really stand out and make a statement. I think the use of a very light font aligns with the nature of her business with it being super feminine looking. Overall, I think these ads are compelling enough to make someone stop mid-scroll.

What do you guys think?

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