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Rifle Paper Co. 2018 Wall Calendar Illustrations

Updated: Mar 8, 2019

Last year I came across Rifle Paper Co. on Amazon and I absolutely fell in love. The illustrations are so detailed and creative and even the text is handwritten.

The calendar I chose is travel based so I can have a constant and subtle reminder of my life goals. Surrounding yourself with little reminders encourages and motivates you by speaking to your subconscious. I hope by having these images and ideas around me, I can attract the things I want in life.

I wanted to share the calendar completely intact before I cut out and frame the illustrations and maps. I plan on putting them together on a gallery wall. I'll be sure to include a blog post with images when everything is hung in place. Who else is as obsessed with Rifle Paper Co. as I am?

2018 Rifle Paper Wall Calendar

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