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Saadia's Juicebox & Yoga Bar in Richmond, VA

Kaitlynn Stone at Saadia's Juicebox & Yoga Bar

This week I traveled with fellow agents from @home real estate to attend the Brian Buffini Success Tour conference in Richmond, VA where real estate professionals from all over the East Coast attend to learn and network. One morning, a few of us decided to meet up extra early before everything began to grab some coffee at a nearby coffee and juice shop within walking distance to our hotel. We did some googling to try and find a place that wouldn’t be jam packed to the brim, aka no Starbucks. Our search results brought us to Saadia’s Juicebox & Yoga Bar just a few blocks away.

When we reached the storefront, we were kind of thrown off by how tiny it looked. It was a little white building that sat between two other businesses, featuring a big bright front window and a colorful paint job on the door and window frames. From the front, you would never guess that there would be a yoga studio in there, but low and behold, there was a large space situated in the back for daily yoga classes. The yoga area was blocked off by a curtain to separate it from the beverage bar up front.

Walking in, I was greeted by a clean and minimal space that was bright and cheery with pops of color throughout. I wanted to take home every single throw pillow in there. Overall, the setting and vibe is very chill and relaxed. There was plenty of seating spaces from more formal tables to inviting couches and beanbag chairs. The service bar itself was filled with fresh fruits and other tasty ingredients that would be used for everything from juice blends to acai berry bowls. I was impressed and almost overwhelmed by the menu. Everything looked so good!

Since it was the morning, I decided to go with caffeine to get me going. I ordered a lavender infused coffee and was shocked by how much lavender you could taste. It was insanely good. After leaving, I knew immediately that I would want to return. The next day, a fellow agent and I went during the lunch break to grab green smoothies. The smoothie was a perfect consistency and didn’t taste “grassy” like some veggie smoothies do. There was a perfect amount of sweetness without it being overwhelming. I know if I lived here I’d try everything on the menu, but I’d be more interested in seeing what a yoga class looks like there. Would it be distracting to share a space with a busy juice bar? It would be convenient to end your practice with a nutritious beverage, but I’m still torn about functionality. Has anyone taken a yoga class there before?


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