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Spring Has Sprung In The District

Kaitlynn Stone Leesburg Virginia Cherry Blossoms in Spring

Arguably the most beautiful time of year for the DMV area has to be peak cherry blossom season. D.C.'s tidal basin is a beautiful and popular place to view the puffy pink flowers cascade over the reflecting waters.

To be completely honest, I have not had a chance to witness their display on the Tidal Basin, but luckily, we have cherry blossom trees planted everywhere! Even right outside the door of our Leesburg, VA apartment.

Everyone in the district can agree that as soon as the soft pink petals emerge from their branches, Spring has officially sprung. I've been waiting all season for these puppies to bloom. If you're like 99% of the population, you have to agree that these dreamy flower clouds make you feel something like warm fuzzies on the inside.

Kaitlynn Stone Leesburg Virginia Cherry Blossoms Blog

There's something about the delicacy and femininity of cherry blossom trees that make them so incredibly endearing. The best part is being able to experience their beauty every time I leave or enter the house.

Though they are beautiful in full bloom, I have to say that my favorite part of peak cherry blossom season, is what the petals do to the ground when they are blown off. It's as if the ground is covered in soft, pink confetti that blows around your ankles as you walk. It's absolutely mystifying and stunningly gorgeous. I'll never tire of seeing them get scooped up by a warm breeze and whirled around the air in an artistic display.

Oh the feels.


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