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The Story Behind Sage Boutique

Sage boutique started where most of my projects start—via Freelancer contest, of course. I've been blindly but genuinely submitted my art to contests on this freelancer site, that allows people to post random design jobs and projects that can be bid on. In this case, it was a Freelancer contest to design a logo for an organic food brand titled "Sage".

My first thought was, "wow, what an awesome name." It's the type of name that is low key yet memorable with a fresh and friendly vibe. However, I thought it would be better suited for a different purpose than just a food brand. I wanted it to encompass a lifestyle, so I started to play around with the idea of a clothing brand, which eventually evolved into a boho boutique. What really solidified the concept for me was the strong serif font with extreme contrasts between thick and thin lines. It's called Domani, and it's really quite elegant and glamorous. I decided I wanted to ground the logo and bring it down to earth, so I added an ornament from the font Wonderfall. This statement symbol adds bohemian flair without taking away from the upscale feel.

Sticking with a cool, almost monochrome color palate, I wanted to build the brand as simplistically as I could. I envision an eco-friendly space with tall ceilings and earthy finishes throughout. Think like a South Moon Under or Free People type vibe. That's where the inspiration for my lifestyle photos came from.

Overall, I really like how this turned out. It's clean and simple, but evokes a freeing emotion. I pulled together the name, the concept and the product with the tagline "cleanse your closet", which I thought was a nice connector point. Sage is an herb that is commonly used to "cleanse" your environment and ward off negative vibes, if you will. Hence, cleansing your closet.

The real question is, would you stop in Sage Boutique if you passed by?

See more Sage here.


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