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Cheesin' Over Bites Wine & Grilled Cheese Bar

Updated: Jun 13, 2019

What’s better than a fully stacked, gooey grilled cheese sandwich? A tall glass of wine to go with it. Bites Wine & Grilled Cheese Bar opened a few weeks ago in Downtown Leesburg, and I’ve wanted to go as soon as I heard it was coming. Bites is located in a cute lil’ historic building on South King Street in the heart of Downtown Leesburg. The space isn’t huge, but it’s charming. Apparently, it used to be an old antique store. The home’s original features can be seen throughout, from the fireplace to the wood floors.

There are a bunch of smaller two-top tables with a small selection of larger tables, all of which had a baby succulent on top. Directly in front of us when we walk in is a no fuss ordering counter with a menu board posted above the cashiers. I was happy to see that the menu offered more than just grilled cheese (even though that’s why I was there). Several salads and soups were available as well. In addition to the food variety, there was a larger selection of beverages than I expected, including some yummy sounding sangrias.

After scanning the menu, I decided on the Hamilton which was comprised of gruyere, fontina and brie cheese with a fig spread on cranberry walnut bread. Drool. I decided to pair it with a glass of chardonnay which ended up bringing my order total to $18 or so with tip.

Once we placed our order, we were given a number to place on our table and were instructed to pick up our glasses of wine from the bar counter. We found a cozy table for two near the front and after a short time, our order was ready! The sandwich was even better than I expected. We both ended up eating our entire sandwiches before making a dent in our wine so we decided to take our glasses out to the front yard where tables and lounge chairs were set up to accommodate guests outside. It was a gorgeous day and a super chill area to hang out.

Bites definitely did not disappoint and I already can’t wait to go back and try more cheesy concoctions! What’s your favorite thing on the menu?

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