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Our Stay at Gloria Estefan's Vero Beach Costa d'Este Resort & Spa

We made it to Vero Beach, Florida and arrived like royalty as we pulled around the circular driveway at Gloria Estefan's Costa d'Este Resort and Spa. Thanks to my aunt Amy, who has been CFO for the Estefans for years, we were able to receive an incredible rate for two nights at this luxurious spot. The entrance is marked by a beautiful fountain that boasts elegance and sits in front of the hotel entrance manned by two valet team members. After gathering our belongings, we rolled into the lobby and checked in with the friendly receptionist.

To our delight and surprise, she gave us a stack of drink cards and let us know that we would have discounted rates at the spa. I couldn't help but feel spoiled, even though I know these perks only came because of Amy's close relationship with the employees and their boss. I could at least pretend we were living the lives of the rich and famous for a couple of days. After checking in, we shuffled into the elevator where we were transported to our rooms on the third floor. Jayson, my brother, and I were hyped to have our own room. We opened the door to a bright and spacious room featuring two queen beds, a large balcony and a lovely little surprise sitting on the counter.

I was definitely more excited for our gift than Jayson, who is a very light drinker. There was a bottle of wine that had been chilling over ice, along with two glasses and a handwritten note from the hotel manager, Chad. This was such a nice gesture and definitely started our stay out on a good note. He even spelt my name right which is a rarity for me.

Wasting no time, I uncorked the bottle and poured up. Mid-pour, we heard a knock at our door and Jayson opened the door to find Amy with a big smile on her face, telling us to follow her to their room. Just down the hall, we entered what must have been one of the luxury suites on the property. It was absolutely HUGE. It was an absolutely gorgeous room and I'm bummed that I didn't think to take any photos.

After the long drive, we were all starving so we head downstairs to the restaurant where we were seated a large circular dining table that was able to fit us all comfortably. There was a beaded curtain around the table, making it seem like it's own world a part from the restaurant. True VIP style. Amy helped us order since she had been there before and knew what specialties were extra tasty.

Clearly Amy is a valued and loved employee because the gifts kept on showering in. We were surprised when our server came out with several free appetizers for us to try and we spared no time feasting. The food was incredible. I wish I had taken photos of the dishes so I could remember them instead of being fascinated with the reflection of these sunglasses on the water glass lol.

After a delicious meal, we all decided to head to the pool and get some much needed R&R. The pool was small but not crowded and we were able to find enough chairs in a row for us to fit. Attendants walked around offering fresh towels, frozen grapes on skewers (our favorite) and sunglass cleaning services. I couldn't have been more relaxed. After a long day in the sun, we all made our way inside to freshen up for dinner. After my shower, I snuggled up in a comfy robe to get ready for the evening.

We had dinner offsite and instantly regretted it. We ended up going to some "fancy" place that served us little to no food and it wasn't that great. Very unimpressed. I was eager to get back because it was a Monday night and in my world Mondays=Bachelor. It's Hannah's season of the Bachelorette and not only do I love her, I would absolutely not let myself miss hometowns. Every since Mike went home, I've been team Peter & Tyler and I needed to be there for it. Luckily, my family was down to watch and drink wine so we piled into Amy's room and watched Luke P. dig himself a grave.

Costa d'Este Resort & Spa Beach | Photo courtesy of Benchmark, a Global Hospitality Company
Costa d'Este Resort & Spa Beach | Photo courtesy of Benchmark, a Global Hospitality Company

A Yummy 4th of July Themed Drink

The next day was spent in its entirety at the pool and on the beach. Being a beachfront resort, we were steps away from the ocean. I took a walk on the beach and wandered back to the hotel on the streetside to take in the sights. The houses were your typical beach houses and the shops were cute little cottages offering local goods. I met my mom and Amy at the bar for some yummy drinks when I got back and shortly after we head to another off-site place for a light lunch. We decided we would return to the resort restaurant for a nice dinner to end our vacation.

All dolled up, we gathered at the restaurant where we were seated at our table. Again, we left the ordering to Amy who has never failed to disappoint. Just as we had placed the order, we heard an ear piercing ringing that we soon found out was the fire alarm. The staff asked the guests to exit the building and told us the alarm was coming from the kitchen and though there was no fire, they wanted to make sure everything was okay. This inconvenience only lasted about 15 minutes when the firefighters came and turned off the alarm, but ended up being a plus because I got to gawk at some good looking firefighters and I met this little snail.

The good news is, shortly after we returned to our seats, we were served and this time I DID take photos! I can't even begin to describe how delicious the food was. Seriously sooooo so good. I was a big fan of the paella, but the steak, chicken and fish specials were incredible as well.

After one last great night's sleep, we packed our bags and got ready to head out. Overall it was an absolutely exceptional stay, even with the fire alarm fiasco. The staff is incredibly friendly and professional, the food was delectable and the property itself—absolutely beautiful in a prime location. Even if we didn't have the perks that we did, there's no doubt in my mind that we would have enjoyed ourselves just as much. 10/10 would recommend!

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