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Our Stay in the Coral Towers at Atlantis

If you don't know already, my mom and I took a mother/daughter trip together to the Bahamas and had the most fun I think we've ever had together. This trip was long overdue. We've never ever gone on a trip together just the two of us, let alone a tropical vacation. We decided that we needed to do this for both our relationship and our sanity. Work has been busy for her and annoying for me, so we deserved this.

Atlantis Bahamas Paradise Island Coral Towers Vacation

A couple of months before our trip, we booked our room at the Coral Towers at Atlantis which my mom was able to swing with some of her Marriott points. The room we reserved had two queen beds with a view of the Lagoon and grounds. It's also in a good location without being too far away from the main building (and casino lol). Once the room was booked, it all became surreal. This was actually happening.

When we arrived, we were welcomed kindly and proceeded to the check in area. Our room was on the 4th floor and was even better than I imagined. The bathroom was spacious and there were like 5 mirrors throughout, which I LOVE. It made getting ready a breeze because we didn't have to share the same space. It had a coffee bar, fridge and safe like most hotels, but what really excited me was the view.

Atlantis Bahamas Paradise Island Coral Towers Vacation Kaitlynn Stone Blog Post

From our room, we overlooked the sea turtle pond and stingray lagoon. We were close enough to ground level to clearly see the turtles, big and small, swim around and poke their little heads out of the water and see the stingrays circle around. Every now and then they come out of the water and give us a wave. I swear I sat on that balcony for a couple of hours (combined) just watching sea life do it's thing.

We loved our stay so much. The room and staff exceeded our expectations and provided us with a warm and welcome feeling. Though we spent most of our time outside of the room, exploring the grounds or out and about, it was nice to retreat to our room at night and relax. I would definitely stay at the Coral Towers again on a returning trip to Atlantis.


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