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New Ombre Zenni Glasses #GotMyZennis

YAY! My Zenni glasses just came in and they look even better than I initially thought they would. They are the perfect frame size and the ombre makes it so the black doesn't look so harsh against my face. The only complaint I have is that they are little wide on the sides, but hopefully I can just take them to the eye doctor and have them tightened.

I decided to go with this style because it's universally flattering and isn't too over bearing. A strong brow frame is a good look for anyone and the black on top mimics it, while the lighter color on the bottom creates a seamless transition into the rest of the face. I've only been wearing them for a couple of days now and I've received so many compliments from people and questions about where I got them. SO, now you now!

Guys. These frames were $16. Yes seriously. After adding in my prescription, which included a multifocal progressive lens and the standard anti-reflective coating, my grand total came out to just $56. This is literally HALF the price of JUST the frames anywhere else. They also came with a cute turquoise carrying case and a little lens cloth to keep them spot-free.

Why would you want to go anywhere else for your glasses? The shipment came in fast and the glasses are just as advertised. Plus, the process itself was super easy online. I was able to upload a photo of myself and virtually try on each pair of glasses to see which ones would look best. I couldn't be happier with my Zennis and I look forward to ordering more in the future.

Click here to order the same pair!


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